Greta's Page

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In mid February 2014, I added a really great girl to my life....Greta was one of the 101 Keeshonds rescued in the NY Puppy Mill rescue. While we are still working to free the remaining Keesies held captive at the hell hole known as Marjorie's Kennel in upstate New York, I relish in the fact that Greta is a wonderful addition to my life and pack of dogs! The strides she has made from being feral towards becoming a "somewhat" normal Keeshond are amazing. While she will very likely never be a "normal" dog due to the horrible conditions she was subjected to, she has shown me that ANYTHING is possible when given the chance! She has helped in raising my last litters of puppies, she sleeps in my bed touching me when I go to sleep at night, she bounds around my 1 1/4 acres of fenced yard tail held high and wagging, loves all 3 of my kitties, Chester, Arnie and BooBoo. She now looks me in the eye, something she never did for the first years of living with me. She loves her face kissed and caressed after not even letting me touch her in the beginning. She loves to be groomed but no blow dryer, that may never be something I can get her to realize is ok. She is my honorary show dog when I take her with me to shows. She loves to be part of things. She has even allowed men to touch her and offer her treats. Her fear of men is still a work in progress but she is much more trusting of men these days. I love my Greta, I am so glad I decided to foster her which did turn into me adopting her when I realized I was her first human bond. I could not think of then placing her in a new home. She is MY Greta!

Update on Greta: At the 2017 KCA National Specialty, I had 2 Reiki treatments done on her and she is like a new dog. Please consider one of these treatments to see if it can help improve your dogs lives, especially if you have a rescue! Greta has changed my life in so many ways. She has changed by leaps and bounds since I got her on February 15, 2014! The picture below was taken by Denise Karns, at this point Greta still hated her picture taken. Not any more so I will need to get a happier picture of my girl so I can post it.