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Updated 4/6/2021: I am planning 2 more litters in 2021. Contact me via email if you are interested in a puppy application for one of my upcoming litters. wundrykees@gmail.com. If contacting me by phone, please leave a message as I do not answer numbers unfamiliar to me. The 2020 Corona Virus issue has changed many plans for breeders around the country. Please do not resort to buying a puppy sight unseen off the internet. Those selling puppies that way do not health test the breeding parents, do not offer guarantees, only breed animals to make a quick buck and do not care how they ruin the breed they are recklessly breeding.


Wund-R Y Keeshonden started quite by accident.  In 1987 I found a beautiful, double-coated black and silver dog wandering free.  Being into show dogs since 1980 and working for a local professional handler, I knew he was a purebred Keeshond.  I tried for weeks to find his owners but that never happened.  Maxx as he was named, became my first Keeshond.  My vet guessed him to be approximately 5 years of age.  I believed he was an outside dog all his life and was probably used as a stud dog so neutering was a must!  Maxx is how I got my start in canine obedience.  He loved to please and I loved working with him.  Although we never competed in the obedience ring at dog shows, I learned alot from working with this special boy.  Maxx was the most loyal, wonderful dog I had owned to date and he is the reason I decided this breed was the one I wanted to share my life with.

After finding Maxx, I became active in rescue work; before I knew what rescue work was.  My second rescue was from the local humane society.  This poor boy had seizures and no one was interested in adopting a Keeshond with seizures, so I adopted Major.  Before long, I had rescued numerous unwanted Keeshonden from owner turn-ins and the humane societies from around Wisconsin.  I would rehabilitate them and place them in loving, caring homes.   The special bonds built between these wonderful rescue dogs and their new families have created many new friendships in my life.  Through all my experiences with the rescues, I learned to deal with abused, neglected and the ignored Keeshond.  I've also dealt first hand with the real health issues in this breed which instilled in me the importance of producing the healthiest puppies in my current breeding program.

I obtained my first show dog from Linda Moss of Ashbrook Kennel in Selma, NC in 1992.  I purchased my first show female from Irene Munson of B Mi Kennel in Utica, IL in 1999 and I became very active in conformation showing, obedience training and agility work.  When the need for a kennel name came about, I was at a loss.  My ex-husband came up with the “Wonder Why” as he wondered why I was crazy and had so many dogs hence Wund-R Y was born.  Funny thing was at that time I only had my 2 show dogs and one rescue dog living with me....

Since beginning my breeding program in 2002, I have produced 25 AKC champions as well as 3 Canadian champions to date.  The big winners are:  Cruiser, BISS/BISw CH Wund-R Y’s All Around Town owned by Kim Wallace-Schall of Duncansville, PA; Seeker, Am & Can BIS, Multiple BISS GCH Wund-R Y’s Best Kept Secret and Starr, BIF CH Wund-R Y’s Leading Lady.  Jeannie, CH Wund-R Y Forever In Blue Jeans and Starr both achieved their championships by 13 months of age.  Jean and Starr's mother Tess, CH Wund-R Y I've Got Attitude took her sweet time but it was worth the wait!  Vito, Fizz, Birt, Partee, Venne, Fanci, Greta (one of the NY 101 Puppy Mills dogs) and now I have gotten into my second breed, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje named Dancer reside with me here at Wund-R Y Kennels  I will continue to support these two breed and nurture them into the future.

Seeker had a great 2010.  On May 29, 2010, he won the Top Keeshond Event at the KCA 75th Anniversary national specialty show held at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI!  The surprise panel of judges consisted of Phyllis Noonan of Sherwood Kennels (USA), Brenda Brooks of the Keesbrook Kennel (Canada) and Trevor Rogers of the Keez Kennel (Australia).  What a honor to have Seeker chosen as the 2010 TOP Keeshond of the top Keeshond.  Seeker also was awarded the 1st Award of Merit at the national specialty. 

But my most cherished achievement to date is the fact I have acquired 16 Nan Greenwood Medallions!  Here is the list of my dogs that have won their Bred By Exhibitor class at a specialty show to receive this honor: 2004 Seeker, 2005 Tess, 2008 Otto, 2008 Jeannie, 2008 Otto, 2009 Princess, 2010 George, Tori 2011, Tori 2011, Herbie 2012, Tobias (Toby) 2 medallions for the October 2014 KFCS specialty, Sofee won 2 medallions and Ceyla won Nan Greenwood at 2018 KFCS specialty!! At the 2020 KFCS specialty my Birt was awarded my 16th Nan Greenwood medallion!!!  I strive to breed the healthiest Keeshonden that adhere to the breed standard and this is a testament to my accomplishments.

Wund-R Y Kees has both pet and show quality puppies available, please contact me if you are interested.   I am always looking for perfomance homes as well as show homes for my puppies.  My puppies are born and raised in the house with myself, my other resident Keeshonden and their cats Chester, Arnie and Boo.  I believe in proper socialization so my pups are exposed to various noises and different situations from very early on; learn to travel with me at a very young age, are handled by children as well as adults.  They are crate trained, partially housebroken, and learn that different situations are to be expected.  I treat each puppy in the litter as though they are a show puppy.  Even if they will go to a pet home, I certainly want them to know that each one of them will be a star in their own right!  Unfortunately I can not keep all the potential top puppies, so some of my best have been placed in wonderful show/performance homes as well as wonderful companion pet homes. 

If you would like to meet my dogs, please contact me to find out my show schedule in the WI/IL/MN areas and as always, I am glad to meet you at a show that may be closer to your home. Since COVID, spectators are not allowed at dog shows, hopefully the restrictions will lift at some point.

I am proud to be a member of the Keeshond Club of America, Current club president of the Keeshond Fanciers of the Central States, Keeshond Club of Canada.  See my links page for more information.

Above picture: Seeker, Am & Can BIS, Multiple BISS Bronze GCH Wund-R Y's Best Kept Secret HOF (Ch. Sherwoods SilverSmith HOF, ROMX x Ch. B Mi Captivating Casey CD, CGC). Shown here winning the TopKeeshond Event at teh 75th Anniversary KCA National Specialty May 29, 2010.

Wow is all I can say about my Seeker!

On May 29, 2010, Seeker WON the Top Keeshond Event hosted by the Keeshond Club of America at their 75th Anniversary national specialty!  The surprise panel of judges were Phyllis Noonan of Sherwood Kennels (USA), Brenda Brooks of Keesbrook Kennel (Canada) and Trevor Rogers of the Keez Kennel (Australia).  What an honor to be chosen by them to be the TOP Keeshond of the top Keeshond!  Thank you to the judges and those that have supported Seeker and I over the years!


To the right is Tess, CH Wund-R Y I've Got Attitude, showing off her classic Keesie Smile!  Many a Keeshond have been taken to the humane society or local shelter due to the fact their owner thought they were showing their teeth (snarling) because they never took the time to research the breed history to find out they were once known as "The Smiling Dutchman"!

(List of champions since my first litter in 2002:

BISS/BISw CH Wund-R Y's All Around Town (Cruiser) owned by Kim Wallace-Schall
*CH Wund-R Y I've Got Attitude (Tess), my smiling girl.  Tessie is still going strong, turning 15 years of age in August of 2017.  Still winning from the Veteran's classes at the national speciatly May of 2017!  So very proud of the longevity of my dogs! My dear Tessie passed in February 2018 at the ripe old age of 15 1/2 years.
CH Wund-R Y Annie My Love (Annie) co-owned with Diane Peppler

*Am & Can BIS, Multiple BISS Bronze GCH Wund-R Y's Best Kept Secret HOF (Seeker).  Seeker passed Decembre 17, 2015 very unexpectedly.  He was healthy to the end and I miss him terribly!
CH Wund-R Y's Brazen Shadowlord (Duskee) co-owned with Linda Steuri
CH Sherwood's Black Smith (Hammer) owned by Rick Su & Judy Nye
CH Kimar's Wund-R Y Angels Blush (Basha) owned by Kim Wallace-Schall

BIF CH Wund-R Y's Leading Lady (Starr) finished so quickly, never was shown as a class bitch at a specialty!
**CH Wund-R Y Standing Ovation (Otto) co-owned with Kevin & Amanda Luebke

CH Wund-R Y Reflections in Time (Andy) owned by Jim Fraser, Frazier Park, CA 

*CH Wund-R Y Forever in Blue Jeans (Jeannie) obtained her championship at 13 months of age!  She is now owned by Denise Karns and Dan Cash.

Can CH Wund-R Y I'm A Believer (Shelby)  owned by Grace Chessell & Gary Vetter

CH Wund-R Y The Wizard Came to Sherwood (Merlin)

BISSw, BOSSw CH KJ's Oh I Wund-R Y RN AX AXJ NF CGC (Whyit) owned by Emily Taggart

GCH Wund-R Y Sheza Superstar at Paugh Prints (Lexi) co-owned & shown by Sherri Alspaugh

*GCH Wund-R Y's Rock Star, George/Jorge.  1st Award of Merit winner at the 2011 KCA National Specialty May 2011.  Award of Merit recipient at KFCS Specialty October 2011.  George is being shown by Sherri-Anne Kovach, assisted by Billy R. in the southern US.  George finished 2012 as the #9 Keeshond All Breed!  George now resides with Pam Catalano.

**CH Wund-R Y's Our Little Secret (Tori), co-owned with Linda Jarrett, completed her championship with a 4 pt major....way to go my little princess!  She is retired and living with her co-owner on the east coast.

Am & Can CH Wund-R Y's De Je Vu (Jethro) owned by Gary & Candy Vetter

CH Wund-R Y's Takin Care of Bizness (Blitz) owned by Melinda Hughes 

CH Wund-R Y Bottoms Up K-Central (Mirja), Mirja took back to back 5 point majors November 2012 to finish in a BIG WAY! Mirja is co-owned by myself and Sherri-Anne Kovach. 

CH Wund-R Y Bases Loaded (Winston) co-owned with his owners David & Angie Malanick

*CH Wund-R Y Hard Habit to Break (Herbie) who needed to grow up a bit to achieve his championship but he has matured into a lovely dog!!  

Am & Can CH, Can BIS Wund-R Y's De Je Vu All Over Again (Yogi) owned by Gary & Candy Vetter.  Yogi finished on 11/24/14 in MN with Gary handling. He is the 4th champion out of the Tori/Chubby baseball litter!  Way to go guys!

 Pointed dogs on their way to their future championships:

*BISw Wund-R Y's Fairytale Princess (Princess) has 10 single points, co-owned with Diane Peppler

Twin Trees Makin Merry @ Wund-R Y (Merry) owned by Karen Evasuik

Eng CH Wund-R Y's Workin for a Livin @ Szaryk (Buzz) owned by Urszula Ransley/Dave Matthews, England.  Buzz is making a name for himself overseas!

Wund-R Y Keymark's Double Dippin (Tia) co-owned with Marsha Kaczmarek of Nova Scotia, Canada has 2 of her points towards her Canadian championship so far!  

Can CH Wund-R Y's Secret Sensation (Sanna)  A Seeker/Jeannie daughter.  Sanna will be spayed and will go to live with a wonderful veterinarian to become an agility star!

**CH Wund-R Y's Secret Agent (Tobias, Toby, T-Man) co-owned with Kristy Kitslaar-Brink got me my 11th and 12th Nan Greenwood medallions for going 1st place in his BBE class at the KFCS 2014 specialty!!  He is also a Seeker/Jeannie son.

Wund-R Y Top Secret (Topper), my Seeker/Jeannie son, Topper was neutred and went on to live as a pampered pet

Wund-R Y Black Diamond (Koal), out of Ace/Tori has 12 single points including one major win so far now resides with Hollie McCabe and her family

Wund-R Y Good Girl Gone Bad (Kissi), out of Ace/Tori has 6 single points to date

CH Wund-R Y Hard Luck Woman (Karma), out of Ace/Tori, owned by Beth Blankenship.  

**CH Wund-R Y Grande Finale K-Central (Sofee), co-owned with Sherri Kovach, out of George & Berlyn 

Wund-R Y Witchy Woman, Ezmeralda (Phoebe Ezmeralda), out of Herbie/Tori, now co-owned with Hollie McCabe.

CH Wund-R Y Life in the Fast Lane (Zippy) co-owned with me by Ed & Julie Lasek, out of Herbie/Tori

Wund-R Y Marzipan for K-Central (Miss Moppel) out of Herbie & Berlyn, co-owned with Sherri Kovach.  

GCH Wund-R Y K-Central's Shaken not Stirred (Marty) out of Tobias & Mirja's litter born 11/17/15.  Marty completed his championship at the Janesville-Beloit weekend the first weekend of May 2017 just shy of 18 months of age!
CH Wund-R Y K-Central's Gin Fizz (Fizz) out of Marty and Moppel born 10/10/16

Wund-R Y K-Central Blast from the Past (Saga) out of my frozen semen litter of Cisco, CH Marrkees Sizzling Comet and Mirja born 2/7/17
GCH Vito Wund-R Y Sumbarsky pramen (Vito) Vito is a grandson of Seeker purchased from Radka Miturova from the Czech Republic.  I am excited to add aother boy to my home that has direct ties to Seeker!  Vito finsihed at 20 months of age and by 22 months had his grand championship as well!
*Wund-R Y K-Central Once in a Blue Moon (Ceyla) She is a Herbie/Elsie daughter born 9/27/17 co-owned by Diane Peppler, Sherri Kovach and myself. Ceyla is out of the last litter I had with Herbie before he left to live his life out with Urszula Ransley in the UK.
Wund-R Y I'd Like to Solve the Puzzle (Vanna) out of Marty and Kissi, co-owned by Holly McCabe
*CH Wund-R Y Birthday Bash (Birt) out of CH Daimler's Boot Cut Jeans -Stetson and Fizz.  At the 2020 KFCS specialty, he won BBE First place. Birt finished his championship 4/5/21 in 7 shows with 4 major wins!  This boy caught the eye of every judge that I showed him to....I will be having some fun with this wonderful boy!
Wund-R Y They Say It's Your Birthday (Partee) Birt's naughty litter sister.  Partee now has 5 points towards her championship.
Wund-R Y Fantasy Girl  (Fanci) out of Vito and Kissi. Co-owned by myself and Kailyn
Wexford Wund-R Y Dancer voor Fogelsangh (Dancer) co-owned with Lucinda Paganin, a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje


 * denotes the dogs that have been awarded the Nan Greenwood medallion, to date that makes 16 awards for the Wund-R Y dogs!